3 Reasons Why YOU Should Be Using Affiliates to Promote Your Online Course

Are you familiar with affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is an arrangement where other people earn a commission by promoting a specific product.

Maybe you've been an affiliate for your favorite website hosting company or a course you've taken in the past.

If you haven't been an affiliate yet, you've probably purchased something from an affiliate (and maybe you didn't even know it!).

Working as an affiliate marketer for course creators and software companies is a great way to earn some extra income. In fact, I've earned over $500,000 by promoting affiliate offers to my email list and in my blog posts.

But affiliate marketing becomes even more powerful when you flip the script and host your own affiliate program.

Wondering just how powerful it can be to find your own affiliate partners? I've earned over $1,000,000 in profit that can be directly attributed to my affiliate partners!

But it's more than just the money.

There are so many benefits to affiliate marketing. When you are in a good affiliate partnership, there should be three happy parties:

  1. The host (this could be you!) - You get more sales on your course because your offer gets seen by more ideal customers (all thanks to your affiliates)
  2. Your affiliates - They're happy because you're paying them a commission for promoting a product they already believe in
  3. The customer - The customer is happy because they found out about your great course from an affiliate (which they otherwise would have missed out on!)

Talk about a win-win-win situation!

I've done a lot of affiliate marketing, both as a host and as an affiliate. So I want to share the 3 biggest benefits I've seen in my business as a result of hosting my own affiliate program.

1. Get In Front of New Audiences

Do you ever feel like your ideal clients are hiding? Or, maybe you feel like you are the one being hidden?

Like you know you've got this great course, and you know that there are people out there spending money on courses...

But there's just one tiny problem – your potential customers have never heard of you.

Working with affiliates can solve this problem in a big way.

Affiliate partnerships allow you to grow your reach. This is so important, especially at the beginning of your online business journey when you may have a small email list (or heck, even no email list) or a small following on social media.

You’ll probably end up working with some affiliates who are in your niche and others who are in similar or complementary niches. This means you can get your products in front of new audiences that you couldn’t reach on your own.

And if you pick affiliates who already have a warm relationship with their audience, you’re more likely to reach ready-to-buy leads.

Your affiliate partners can give you and your brand a big visibility boost. So if you're tired of feeling like a "hidden gem" in your industry, working with great affiliates can help you get a lot more attention.

When people start seeing your name associated with other experts and leaders in your industry, they'll instantly trust you more. This is a huge credibility boost for you!

You essentially get to “borrow” the trust and authority of your affiliate partner when your name gets in front of their subscribers.

Years back when people like Pat Flynn were doing monthly income reports online, it was a big deal for me to be on those reports. People saw that I was someone who paid Pat Flynn money as one of my affiliate partners and that instantly made others want to work with me.

So here's how things usually work when my offers get promoted to a new audience:

  1. A subscriber on one of my affiliate's email lists sees an offer come through for one of my courses or opt-in gifts.
  2. The subscriber has never heard of me but now they're thinking, "Well, if Mr. Industry Expert says Jessica is great, then I should at least click through to her sales page..."
  3. The subscriber realizes that my course is a perfect fit for her needs, buys the course, and becomes a customer (great - money for me, money for my affiliate partner, and a happy customer (win-win-win, remember?!))
  4. Because I have multiple courses (and I'm an affiliate for some other great courses myself), this subscriber may continue to buy from me for years to come

...all because I was willing to work with affiliate partners so that I could reach new audiences!

2. Build Your Own Email List

I put this as number two because I consider this a secondary benefit of affiliate hosting. But the truth is that it's almost as important as growing your reach and accessing new audiences.

Everyone says that "the money is in the list," right? So by accessing your affiliate partner's list, you're essentially extending your email list.

But it doesn't stop there. You can use affiliate partners to increase the number of subscribers on your own email list!

As affiliates start sharing your courses and funnels with their audiences, you'll notice a HUGE bonus effect. Your email list will start growing by leaps and bounds!

Strategic affiliate partnerships are about more than just sending traffic to your sales pages. If you set things up right, you can have affiliates promote your free content and email funnels so that their subscribers opt-in and become your subscribers.

Here are just a few ways you can grow your list with your affiliate partners:

  • Offer to be a guest on their podcast (trust me, they need more guests!) and then offer a special freebie for their listeners. You can set up a custom landing page like yourwebsite.com/podcastname where people can join your list to access their free gift
  • Write a guest post for your affiliate's blog. Even if you don't link to your sales page, you can link to an opt-in for your sales funnel
  • Host a JV Webinar with your affiliate partner. Anyone who attends the webinar will be added to the partner's list (which they're probably already on) and your list

Once you've got all these new names on your list, you can run them through your own funnels and sequences. You can nurture them with a welcome sequence or place them directly into a sales funnel for your signature course or a low-cost offer.

It can take years to build a loyal following of warm leads. But by working with affiliates, you can cut this time down significantly.

3. Free Advertising For Your Courses

This one's pretty juicy so I saved it for the end.

Working with affiliates is like outsourcing your marketing. Before you spend a lot of money to run Facebook or Google ads, why not try working with a few affiliates? You may even find that you don’t need to run ads at all because your affiliates are promoting for you!

We already know that your affiliate partners will...

  • Promote your courses to their ready-to-buy audiences
  • Help you grow your own email list

And they do both of these things for free!

If you've ever spent money on Facebook ads that you hoped would grow your list, increase webinar signups, or drive course sales, then you know just how expensive online marketing can be.

First you have to pay for the ads themselves. And sometimes you even have to pay for a Facebook ads manager to help you optimize the ads.

And if those ads don't work?

Well that's too bad! Try asking Facebook for a refund because you didn't actually get any course sales! 😂

To put it bluntly, Facebook doesn't care about your ROI. So for beginner marketers, affiliate hosting is a much safer arrangement.

It's actually a whole new way of thinking about ROI - you only make an investment after you've already seen a return.

When you host your own affiliate program, you only spend money when one of your affiliates makes a sale for you.

If for some unlikely reason you have an affiliate who doesn't get you any new sales, you don't owe that person a single cent.

That's because your affiliates work on commission. It's in their best interest to promote your course to the best of their ability.

When I'm an affiliate for someone else, I go out of my way to make sure that my audience understands the value of the offer I'm promoting. I really want to do whatever it takes to earn the sale!

So when you partner with affiliates, you basically have a team of eager salespeople who work on commissions only. Outside sales teams are generally some of the highest paid people in marketing teams, so this is a total bargain!

Find Your First Affiliate Partner Today

Well, what do you think? Does affiliate marketing sound like something that could help you grow your online business (without having to pay an arm and a leg for advertising)?

I hope you're starting to understand just how powerful hosting your own affiliate program can be. And if you take the time to set up a great affiliate program, you'll see even better results.

Hosting your own affiliate program isn't complicated. You just need to know how to create the kind of affiliate program that's irresistible to potential affiliate partners.

I can walk you through the entire process in my new training The Course Creator's Guide to Affiliate Hosting.

If you have a course (and a way to sell your course), you're ready to start using affiliates to promote your online course.

When you join The Course Creator's Guide to Affiliate Hosting, you get instant access to all 11 modules and bonuses. This covers everything you need to know like...

  • How to set up your affiliate program and pick an attractive commission structure that will make your affiliates excited to promote you
  • Step-by-step strategies for identifying, vetting, and reaching out to potential affiliate partners (including all the templates and trackers you need to make it easy)
  • The nitty-gritty details of signing up affiliates and providing the kind of swipe material that makes promotion easy for your partners (your affiliates will thank you for this!)

I want the entire process to feel so easy, you’ll wonder why you didn’t create an affiliate program sooner!

Click here to get all the details about the course and find your first money-making affiliate partner today!

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